Robotic Process Automation

How Can Your Organization Benefit From Robotic Process Automation

  • By The Cloud Factory
  • October 6, 2022

From the wheels and bullock carts to assembly line factories, mankind has always strived to be more productive. And this eternal desire has not changed. The rise of Robotic Process Automation has brought about a new scale and scope not seen before in the history of mankind.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

The technology of process automation — now commonly known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) — is a relatively new development. It uses software robots and artificial intelligence (AI) to do the work that human workers do on the computer, making it possible for businesses to automate their processes.

Gartner, a leading Tech Consulting Firm, has predicted that hyper automation will become the norm by 2025. Microsoft's newest updates are designed to help companies identify automation opportunities and program automations more efficiently.

Why RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?

Robotic Process Automation can help organizations eliminate repetitive and mundane tasks so that their teams can focus on better things. In a hybrid work environment running on Microsoft 365, RPA tools can be used to automate business processes. A robot can, for example, be created to send an auto-reply message whenever an email is received automatically. These automated messages can then be sent to other software systems, such as ERP modules. This “robotic” system allows for faster responses, more efficient operations and increased profits. Here are some of the most critical benefits:

  • The time saved can be used to perform higher-value tasks
  • Boosts team’s productivity
  • Minimizes error
  • Makes it easy to scale up or scale down as needed
  • Helps build a more agile and responsive team

Robotic Process Automation: Keys Benefits

Any technology, how promising it may seem, it should offer some credible use cases. Here are some business use cases of an RPA tool like Power Automate that can automate many business processes within a cloud network like Microsoft 365.

For example:

  • Automate many business processes, including legacy processes
  • Automate cloud-native applications
  • Create logic for power apps
  • Move business data between systems on a schedule
  • Connect to more than 500 data sources or any publicly available API
  • Streamline workflow on your local computer such as computing data in Excel

Now, you can imagine the benefits of automating repetitive tasks by recording mouse clicks, keystrokes and copy-paste steps from your desktop! That’s the power of automation.

How Robotic Process Automation Can Help Your Industry with Power Automate

An automation tool like Power Automate can turn your cloud ecosystem into a productivity powerhouse. You can achieve many more things in a short time.

Below we have listed some typical applications for various industries:


The healthcare industry is a maze of paperwork, documents, and long hours spent on tedious work. Some processes can be easily automated using an automation system like Power Automate. Many things can be streamlined in the healthcare industry. For example, automating the transfer of diagnostic test results in the Electronic Health Record system, streamlining helpdesk processes, automating patient admission and discharge processes and other processes related to policy claims.

Construction Industry

The construction industry is full of inefficient, mundane and repetitive tasks that can be automated with ease using a powerful automation tool like Power Automate.

  • Automation of many workflows in the ERP solution your organization is working, such as invoicing
  • Automate the data entry processes of field surveys
  • Automate the equipment performance and testing related data entry tasks
  • Sending reminders to vendors to pay bills
  • Workforce automation

Manufacturing Industry

With Microsoft Power Automate, it is possible to reduce production waste, improving product quality, improve response time, and more.

  • Track data and process documents and paperwork
  • Streamline and automate communication
  • Automate order flows, bids placement and delivery processes
  • Automating logistics distribution

Banking & Finance

If there is one industry that seriously needs to automate tasks because of the mounting pressure of paperwork and inefficient processes, it’s banking and finance. Here are some of the ways automation goals can be achieved:

  • Customer onboarding process like processing applications forms, validating KYC documents
  • Automating cash management operations
  • Account servicing tasks
  • Reconciliation processes
  • Credit/debit cards application processes

Final Words

On a final note, you just name any industry and you will find many processes that can be automated to build a highly agile, productive and efficient organization by reducing the overall operational costs and eliminating manual efforts.

Does this sound interesting? We, at The Cloud Factory, can help leverage the power of automation to build a more efficient and highly productive organization.

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