Azure Services

Move your servers and applications to Azure,
with plan and confidence.

Move Your On-Premises Applications to Azure

Cloud migration and modernization is a continuous process that involves significant organizational change management spanning people, process and technology.

Taking a holistic approach will not only help you navigate the journey successfully but also help ensure that your organisation realises new benefits - including efficiency, agility, and scale - once your workloads are running in the cloud.

Move your existing apps to Azure in an optimised way - without code changes - using a lift-and-shift migration. As-is app migration to cloud infrastructure as a service helps you flip capital expenditures to operational expenditures and quickly gain agility and scale.

Typical use cases are:

  • Migrate on-premises Windows Server apps to Azure Virtual Machines
  • Migrate on-premises Linux apps to Azure Virtual Machines
  • Migrate on-premises VMware infrastructure to Azure VMware Solution
Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Access your desktop and applications from virtually anywhere

Set up Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) to enable secure remote work. Provide the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 10 / 11 with the new scalable multi-session experience for your end users and save costs by using existing eligible Windows licenses. Manage your end-to-end Azure Virtual Desktop deployment alongside other Azure services within the Azure portal.

  • Access Windows 10 / 11 desktop and applications from virtually anywhere
  • Leverage the seamless Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Deploy and scale quickly within the Azure portal
  • Modernize Citrix and VMware virtual desktop infrastructure

Sentinel Security Monitoring

Helping You Enhance Cyberattacks Detection and Response

Information security is the topmost concern for businesses on their journey to digitalization and they require a comprehensive & integrated tool such as Microsoft Sentinel which could help to effectively identify & combat potential sophisticated cyberattacks across a multitude of data sources.

The Cloud Factory Sentinel Security Monitoring solution offers you with real-time, proactive monitoring and reporting of the security posture of your cloud platforms, hybrid or on-premises infrastructure, ensuring that your environments & business-critical data are safe & secure from threats, attacks and breaches, and remain compliant.

The Cloud Factory Sentinel Security Monitoring Solution includes

  • Microsoft Sentinel Strategic Workshop
  • Assessment of Your Existing Infrastructure
  • Data Sources Discovery
  • Microsoft Sentinel Implementation and Onboarding
  • Proactive Security Monitoring
  • Access to Trusted Qualified and Experienced Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Quarterly Reporting on Key Metrics
  • Predictable Monthly Billing

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