Cocktail Event: ISO 27001, The Information Security Standard Made Easy

  • By The Cloud Factory
  • November 18, 2022

Achieving ISO 27001 certification ensures that a business has taken appropriate measures towards protection of its information assets / business-critical data which helps build trust in the business, stimulate new opportunities, protects the organisation's from exposure to security threats, avoid reputational damage as well as stiff fines and penalties associated with regulatory non-compliance.

However, the journey to achieve ISO 27001 certification can be complex and daunting for an organisation. Where to begin? How to identify the risks to the business? Which policies & controls must be implemented? What technical setup is required to meet ISO 27001 requirements? Many organisations seeking ISO 27001 are struggling to find the right approach to effectively address information security, cybersecurity, and privacy protection needs of the standard and stay compliant.

The Cloud Factory, in collaboration with BDO IT Consulting Ltd and Microsoft invited some prominent on-ground players from mix Industries, on Friday, 18th November 2022, at Rooftop Restaurant, Ebène, Mauritius, to come and discover the growing importance of having a solid & robust information security foundation in place and how achieving ISO 27001 could be simplified through the right processes, tools and procedures.

Natasha Ekstrom (Solution Area Specialist - Modern Work) from Microsoft, Krishna Radhakeesoon (Partner - Cyber Security) from BDO IT Consulting Ltd, together with, Deevya Askoolum (Cloud Solutions Architect - Security and Compliance) and Vivek Mathur (Managing Partner) from The Cloud Factory addressed the audience and showcased to them how potential risks associated with the safety of their organisation's data could be identified, how they could leverage their existing or future investment in Microsoft technologies to fill those gaps, meet the requirements of ISO 27001, and maintain the organisation's adherence to the regulation and accreditation needs.

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