Cocktail Event: Enhancing Meeting Experience With Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) and Poly

  • By The Cloud Factory
  • March 25, 2022

As per Work Trend Index:2020, Business leaders need to get their work environments in order if they want employees to give their best. The physical, digital and cultural environments must all match up to facilitate inclusivity. Failing to do so will result in subpar results. And for hybrid work to be truly equitable, it would have to be viable in both practice and theory. Meeting spaces would need to become more inclusive for remote and in-person participants.

Microsoft, Poly and The Cloud Factory came together to advise businesses in Mauritius rethink how to enable fluid and ‘inclusive’ hybrid work space.

Read our whitepaper - 5 Must-Have For Building A Hybrid Workplace – to help you design your hybrid work meetings rooms that leverage Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) devices to create hybrid work that works.

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