Cocktail Event:
Fundamentals of Secure Cloud Adoption

  • By The Cloud Factory
  • November 26, 2019

For some time now, digital transformation has been all about cloud. No doubt that the benefits of cloud are massive - the ability to work "anytime, anywhere", scalability, bandwidth flexibility, enhanced productivity, ease of data recovery, automatic updates, amongst many others. However, over the years, leaders in organisations of all types and sizes, have started to realise that their efforts towards adopting and promoting a cloud-based workplace are also exposing their organisations to a growing number of risks if security is not managed effectively.

Security threats to information systems and corporate data are increasing rapidly, with new attacks and vulnerabilities which are affecting organisations on a daily basis. Leaders are aware of the fact that they require a prevention-focused security architecture to protect their business-critical data, identities, endpoints and apps, but their challenge is to go through an expanding array of security solutions, identifying the best fit for their organisations and deploying them with IT resources that are often taken up with day-to-day responsibilities.

The Cloud Factory, MC3 Maurice and Microsoft, jointly hosted a cocktail event under the theme of "Fundamentals of Secure Cloud Adoption" on Tuesday, 26th November 2019, at Hennessy Park Hotel | Ebène, Mauritius, which gathered some of the prominent on-ground players from Mix Industries.

The event brought together digital transformation experts, Marc Israel (CEO, Aetheis Ltd), Sasha Lebovic (Security and Compliance Technical Specialist, Microsoft Canada) and Vivek Mathur (Managing Partner, The Cloud Factory EMEA Ltd) who helped the audience in discovering how they could address the security imperatives with the right approach, hence allowing their organisations to ultimately respond to competitive pressures and new opportunities with greater agility.

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