Mauritian corporate services firm MITCO shifts to virtual workplace overnight

  • By The Cloud Factory
  • June 12, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed abrupt changes to organizations worldwide. Among the most severe are unprecedented threats to business continuity and overnight shifts to remote working. With the aid of Microsoft cloud solutions, MITCO—a financial management provider that serves an international base of clients from its headquarters in Mauritius—has embraced the transition, with no disruption.

MITCO, a Mauritius-based trust and corporate services group, is continuously recreating its business processes, providing flexible financial solutions for a changing world. Though the company comes from an on-premises background, its stakeholders recently resolved to move all workloads to the cloud for greater flexibility, security, and resilience. "I'm a big believer in automation, digitalization, and globalization," says Robert Hovenier, CEO at MITCO. "Two years ago, we went through a tremendous project of self-risk assessment whereby we had to draft all the nonexistent procedures, processes, and guidelines for all departments and align them with our IT ambitions."

MITCO’s move toward the cloud started when management began looking to replace its existing Entity Management System. "We didn't want to have this new software hosted on our on-premises infrastructure. The modern business strategy is to move from a CapEx model towards an OpEx model, and the CEO had a vision for moving everything to the cloud," explains Jaweed Lallmahomed, Head of IT at MITCO.

"We are already saying, OK, working from home is possible
because we have everything in the cloud......" says Robert Hovenier

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