The Cloud Factory Appointed as Official Reseller of DocuSign in Mauritius

  • By The Cloud Factory
  • December 1, 2023

Mauritius - December 1, 2023 - The Cloud Factory proudly announces its appointment as an official reseller for DocuSign, an alliance poised to transform business operations in alignment with the Financial Services Commission (FSC) guidelines in Mauritius.

Renowned for its commitment to delivering cutting-edge cloud-based solutions, The Cloud Factory's partnership with DocuSign, a global leader in electronic signature technology, marks a significant stride towards enabling businesses to seamlessly implement compliant and efficient document signing processes.

This collaboration empowers businesses with access to DocuSign's state-of-the-art eSignature platform, enabling:

1. Enhanced Efficiency: The integration of DocuSign streamlines document workflows, accelerating approvals, contract finalizations, and client onboarding processes, in compliance with the FSC's guidelines for digital signatures.

2. Compliance and Security: DocuSign's stringent security protocols and adherence to international standards ensure document integrity, meeting the regulatory requirements set forth by the FSC.

3. Elevated Customer Experience: Businesses can enhance client satisfaction by offering a seamless, secure, and efficient signing experience, aligning with FSC's emphasis on customer protection and service excellence.

As an official reseller of DocuSign, The Cloud Factory stands ready to assist businesses in integrating electronic signatures within their operations while ensuring compliance with FSC regulations. This initiative paves the way for a digitally transformed and FSC-compliant business landscape in Mauritius.

For further details on The Cloud Factory's offerings and how to get DocuSign, please get in touch with Devya on

Partner Info:

Read our latest blog for more details towards how to integrate eSignatures within regulated businesses in Mauritius.

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